Auto Insurance

ford mustangAuto insurance is something every driver in Texas must have, however there is no reason to over pay for the coverage you want. Our auto insurance experts at Warren Sanders Insurance have been insuring in the Round Rock TX and and surrounding communities such as Austin TX, Georgetown TX, Cedar Park TX, and Leander TX for many years.

Texas Auto Insurance Requirements

  • Minimum liability limits are required by Texas Law
  • proof of auto insurance for inspection
  • proof of insurance for title registration
  • fine for not having insurance could be up to $350.00
  • multiple convictions could result in suspension of your licence

What is Auto Insurance?

Whether you are looking for your first auto insurance policy, looking to lower your rate, or adding on additional coverage, we can help you. What makes us different from those big name auto insurance companies is that we are a local independent agency. We work with many great auto insurance carriers, so we can find the best policy for your needs.

We can help you find the ideal auto insurance policy, but what should you consider when you are deciding on a policy? First let us look at the most common types of auto insurance policy options.

Liability insurance covers any damages that you have caused to another party and/or their vehicle when you get into an accident.  With liability, there are different levels of coverage that are available.  Texas law requires that those covered meet a certain level of coverage.  Please contact us to find out the right level of coverage for you.

Other options that offer more coverage are collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will cover your auto if you are involved in an accident and there is damage to your auto . If you were to get into an accident,  the damages to your car would be covered with collision auto insurance.

Comprehensive coverage is the most inclusive type of auto insurance.  This policy covers and damage to your car for hail, hitting animals, and thief.  This type of coverage is great for drivers that damage to their auto beyond there control like hail, fire and theft.

How much does auto insurance cost?

All policies are unique, but several factors go into the calculation of your policy cost.

  • driving record
  • credit
  • make and model of auto
  • claims
  • accidents
  • bundle discounts

If you compile the above information and call (512) 459-9200 we can give you a no cost, no obligation quote.


If you need a SR22, Warren Sanders Insurance Agency can issue a SR22 acceptable to the court in one day. Call me at (512) 459-9200 to satisfy the Court/Attorney. Whether it is for a DUI/DWI or a license suspension, our objective is take care of you during the time that unexpected things happen and work toward a better price and coverage as things drop off.

How to Get Auto Insurance in Texas

Contact us if you are looking to get the best coverage  on your car insurance or just want to make sure you are getting the best rate possible for the coverage. We make it easy on you, instead going to many websites attempting to get rate quotes, we do it for you. We are your one stop shop for all your auto insurance needs.

You can get started quickly and easily by using our Auto Quote tool. From there we’ll contact you with a custom rate quote that will give you the best of both worlds; coverage you want at a low rate.

Our agency is located in Round Rock TX and serves clients in surrounding communities such as Austin TX, Georgetown TX, Cedar Park TX, and Leander TX.